A Little About Me

I am a studio based artist living in Melbourne Australia.


Clay is my medium.  It is the sensuous quality of raw clay from the earth that inspires me as I work to mould it into a form that is organic tactile yet functional.

I create wheel-thrown ceramic dinnerware and decorative pieces for home décor.  I take a minimalist approach to my work, using different clay mixtures and studio developed glaze combinations.  This allows me to focus on the natural textures and tactile beauty of the clay, giving each piece its one-of-a-kind character.  Each body of work is designed to be used every day within the home.

I am an inveterate traveller.  I grew up on the island of Malta, in the Mediterranean.  I moved to Australia as a young adult and fell in love with the rugged beauty of the Australian bush and the multicultural character of the city of Melbourne.  For the last decade, I’ve travelled between Australia, Europe and the USA, and I worked in different potters’ studios and attended workshops and residences run by expert potters. I love visiting archaeological museums in order to learn from the artisans of antiquity. Travel continues to provide the best opportunity for reflection and gaining alternate perspectives on my work.